12 Days of Chauncey: Super Mega Space Heater

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Today marks Day 1 of CBV’s 12 Days of Chauncey countdown. Thank you so much for following along on this crazy ride he’s taken us on. We’re actually surprised his holiday wishlist wasn’t completely comprised of this single item.

Day 1: A Super Mega Space Heater
sanTa, buddy, litsen. wE both kno wat i want most this holidae. i told u when i sAw u. in case u furgot i luv sittin bY my heat maKer. bUt my momm n dadd r too big 2 sit on muh bed wiff me. Pls bRing mE a sUper megga space heater that we ken all ennjoy.

What a thoughtful guy. And his paint skills aren’t half bad! (Looks like he’s picked up a thing or two from watching MarkBarks over the years.) Here’s hoping the Big Man has an industrial sized space heater in that sleigh of his this year.



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