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12 Days of Chauncey: Super Mega Space Heater

Today marks Day 1 of CBV’s 12 Days of Chauncey countdown. Thank you so much for following along on this crazy ride he’s taken us on. We’re actually surprised his holiday wishlist wasn’t completely comprised of this single item.

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Look Who’s Talking: The Things Dogs & Babies Would Bond Over

Despite the dangers of close encounters of the baby-dog kind, Katy loves to observe the uncanny similarities between the two “species”. In her opinion, they have so much in common. So she continues our blog's dog-baby relationship theme this month with her own perspective on reasons why dogs and babies would theoretically make good friends - if they could talk.

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3 Reasons To (Really) Know Your Dog’s Breed

Lynda used to think a dog’s breed had nothing to do with its behavior. Making any assumption based on breed felt wrong to her, like some kind of unfair profiling. But the more she studied canine behavior, the more she began to recognize the importance of genetics in our most beloved companions. Read on to learn the three reasons YOU should care.

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Ryan Recon 2014 Part 1: What I Learned from Losing a Pet

Can you imagine not knowing where your dog is for one minute? An hour? A whole day? For most of us, our pets are our family, our kids. Losing them would be devastating. Lynda, Rover-Time's Team Manager, lost her dog for 5 days, 98 hours, 5,880 minutes. She came out of this experience stronger and has 5 lessons to share with other pet parents.

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