Dental Care for Cats

Learn how to prevent and treat common dental problems with cats

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Dental Care for Cats

Here is the bad news, your cat is probably going to have problems with its teeth. 50-90% of cats over four end up with teeth problems. They also do not have enzymes in their mouths like humans do that help them fight teeth disease.

The good news is that most common dental problems in cats are treatable and there are ways that we can help our furry friends stay healthy. Find out the correct dental care for cats.

Common Dental Problems

A common problem that cats experience is gingivitis. Some signs your cat may have gingivitis are red and swollen gums, bad breath, or excessive plaque on their teeth. Gingivitis can also lead to more serious problems such as periodontitis. 

Plaque build-up and mouth ulcers are also problems that can occur frequently with cats. All of these common problems can escalate to worse (and more expensive) problems. So although checking a cat’s mouth is not often an enjoyable experience, the sooner you catch a problem the better for you and your feline friend!

What Am I Looking For?

Since cats can’t tell you that they are in pain, it is often difficult to know if they are suffering from dental problems. Some signs to watch out for are bleeding or red gums, plaque build-up, change in food consumption, and tooth loss.

How to Prevent Teeth Problems

Time to brush your cat’s teeth! This may end up being a difficult task. If you are able to start early getting your cat adjusted to you putting your fingers in their mouths, it can be easier to brush their teeth when they are older. A lot of teeth problems start at the gums so don’t ignore the gums while brushing. Hold your cat from behind and keep them supported and comforted while you brush their teeth. Remember to get kitty toothpaste, human toothpaste is not good for cats! Regular trips to the vet are also an important preventive step.

We hope that this is helpful to you and your furry friend! Cat teeth need maintenance just like human teeth.


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