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2021 New Year Resolutions

2021 New Year Resolutions Well, another year has gone by. And what a year it was! 2020 dug deep in its bag of chaotic goodies and threw the book at us: COVID-19, protests, shutdowns, lockdowns, a presidential election, and let us not forget Tiger King (doesn’t that seem like ages ago?). Now, it’s time to set …

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Meet the Dog of the Week: Ed

Meet the dog of the week: Ed Ed’s stick finding buddy Nicole knows all the deets about Ed Meet the dog of the week: Ed! Ed is a cute and goofy boy who LOVES sticks and walking around the park. Dog’s Name: Ed Owner’s Name: Daniel Breed: Pitbull Mix Birthday: May 1, 2019 What are Ed’s favorite foods? …

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A how-to guide on bringing an outdoor cat indoors

Bringing a feral cat indoors! We’ve all seen the feral or semi-feral cats that live in Chicago. With the winter months creeping up on us you might be wondering if it’s okay to bring in a semi-feral cat into your house. We have some tips and tricks for a successful transition from a wild outside cat into a …

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Meet the Dog of the Week: Lulu

Meet the dog of the week: Lulu Lulu’s buddy Nicole has all the info on Lulu! Meet the dog of the week: Lulu! Lulu is a special princess who loves to play with her soccer ball and hang out in the yard. She’s a big fan of pets and snugs. And look at that SMILE!!! 🙂 She’s always …

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