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COVID-19 Updates and Safety Protocols

Hi there,

Throughout the pandemic, I have remained committed to basing my decisions on the science and data related to the virus and communicating our actions to the public in an open and transparent way. As soon as I was able, I received both rounds of vaccines and my booster.

In February 2022, the City of Chicago has removed the mask requirements for certain public spaces. This is, in no small part, thanks to the Chicago population that has been vaccinated thus far. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and are an important tool for ending the global pandemic but we plan to continue to model kindness and consideration for the immunocompromised, disabled, elderly, and otherwise non-vaccine-eligible community while I continue to care for your animals.

I have outlined mt updated protocols below.

In gratitude for your support,
Julia Rohan, Owner & Founder of Rover-Time

Last updated 5/17/2021

Service Safety Protocols

Face Masks
Every Rover-Time employee has a clean face covering and mask to use daily. We have directed our employees to adhere to the state mandate regarding face masks while indoors.

The new CDC masking guidelines centers those communities that have high rates of vaccination and those for whom masking was a burden. In communities where folks lack access to the vaccine, masking is still critical for everyone, and wearing a mask inside anywhere you interact with workers is a matter of labor solidarity.

Hand Sanitizing
Our team will use sanitizer and will wash their hands frequently, throughout their work day.

Shoe Removal
Rover-Time has always had a shoes-off policy when entering client homes. We can also accommodate your preferences – see more under Additional Safety Options below.

Minimal Home and Client Contact
While in your home, our walkers are instructed to keep at least 6 feet of distance from you and to touch as few surfaces as possible (after sanitizing hands before entering). We are also instructing walkers to spend as little time inside your home as possible, meaning our walkers will only refill water, give treats, and other tasks upon request.

We suggest no-entry handoffs (if you’re home during the service). See more under Additional Safety Options below.

Reducing In-Home Time
We have instructed walkers to limit their in-home activities whenever possible if the owner is home unless otherwise instructed (ex: refreshing water bowl, giving treats).

Symptom Reporting
Walkers must notify the Leadership Team at Rover-Time if they have any symptoms. Walkers who have any symptoms will immediately stop working and self isolate for a minimum of 14 days and follow all CDC guidelines and any direction from health professionals prior to returning to work.

Contact Reporting
Walkers must notify the office if they have known contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Walkers who have had known contact with a COVID-infected person will immediately stop working and self isolate for a minimum of 14 days and follow all CDC guidelines and any direction from health professionals prior to returning to work.

No-Contact Walks
Rover-Time has always practiced social distancing from humans and other dogs while working with our client’s pets. Additionally, now we are following CDC social distancing guidelines of 6 ft. whenever possible.

Mandate Adherence
Walkers have been directed to follow Illinois Public Health mandates for social distancing and wearing masks.

Sanitization of Keys
When keys are returned to the office, they are sanitized.

Office-Free Pickup
Our dog walkers are able to pick up supplies and keys without entering the office and without physical interaction with staff.

Additional Safety Options

No-Entry Handoff
If you are able to gear up and leash up your dog upon our walker’s arrival, the walker can take the dog from you with minimal contact and no entry to your home.

Entryway Pickup
If you are able to crate your dog near the front door, the walker can take the dog from the crate and therefore have minimal contact with the rest of your home.

Surface Sanitization
If you are able to provide Clorox wipes or disinfectants by the front door, the walker can disinfect areas they’ve touched before leaving (doorknob, leash, etc).

Foot Protection
If you are able to provide designated slippers or disposable booties by the front door, the walker can use them if they are needed to be in your home for a period of time.

Convenience During COVID-19

In-Person Meet and Greets
We are still open to meeting in person but kindly ask that you wear a mask. We will do the same while keeping 6 feet of distance between everyone. It is fine to take us into your home for a few moments to show us around and to walk through the routine but we’d prefer to hold the remainder of the meeting outside, weather permitting. This can be done in a front or backyard or in your building’s lobby if it’s kept relatively clean for the health of your building’s residents.

Virtual Meet and Greets
With our virtual Meet and Greet, we can meet you and your pet, collect the information necessary to provide great care and be ready to start service within 24 hours.

Onboard Within 24 Hours
We’ve transformed our meet and greet meetings into virtual ones so everyone stays safe and we’re able to onboard you and your pet within 24 hours.

Please Review Our FAQ Page and Terms of Service
We’re learning that pandemic life is ever-changing. Week to week can look different so we recommend staying in touch with us and checking in on how we’ve adapted to the many guidelines.

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