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12 Days of Chauncey: Super Mega Space Heater

Today marks Day 1 of CBV’s 12 Days of Chauncey countdown. Thank you so much for following along on this crazy ride he’s taken us on. We’re actually surprised his holiday wishlist wasn’t completely comprised of this single item.

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Does Having a Kid Make You Love Your Dog Less?

Does having a kid make you love your dog less? The short answer: no.

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Can Cats Be Trained?

Does your cat come running at the sound of a can opening? Does he come running from his hiding spot at the sound of a shaken treat bag? If you answered yes, you've unintentionally trained your cat to do something. So yes. It's totally possible! Lynda shares five tips to cat training.

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Overnight Pet Sitters: Scary Snoopers or Awesome Alternative?

Housesitting offers a safer alternative to kennel boarding for parents looking to provide better one-on-one care for their pets while away from home. We'll address all the questions you should ask before hiring a pet sitter!

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