12 Days of CBV: Become a Chef

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Earlier this week Chauncey wished for a birthday party. Tuesday it was internet fame. Today’s wish is — well — a little out there. Enjoy Day 2 of Chauncey and his amazing holiday countdown.

Day 2:  2 bE a Chef
iM verry gud at waTching fud. mY smol hooMan used to get it alL oVer himselves all the tyme. (hE is startin to get gud at hooman eatin now. Gud job Arkie) Most dogs wuld think “wow tHat is tHe lyfe.” BuT not me. Im a picky pup. I have verry gud taste and kno what fud wud iz gud togetHer. dats why i think i’D be gud chef.

Just lyke Gorbon Ramsey. Gorbon and i maKe the same fAce when we bArk. I lyke dat. Pls Santa can i be a chef lyke Gorbon? Look at me in tHis hat in a kiten.

Huh, Chauncey is really on a hat kick this year. (I mean, they do look great on him.) Does anyone know of any cooking classes for dogs? Until then, we’re going to be checking out Ollie’s meals! With custom meal plans and human-grade ingredients, these recipes seem about as close to being a dog chef as you can be. Bon appétit Chauncey!



Becky is Rover-Time’s Operations Director and has been with our company since June, 2014. She supports the relationships we have with incoming and existing customers. She also oversees new hire onboarding and the longterm success of our walking team. She loves animals, improv, and learning to cook. And now, she also “loves” running.

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