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Flexible dog walking plans to get your dog out and about while you’re at work
Or on a Zoom meeting.

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Dogs aren’t that different from us– they love socializing, sightseeing and running around in fresh cut grass, even during a pandemic.

Staying inside for too long near their favorite human of all time can cause two issues: separation anxiety and bottled up energy. You’re probably noticing this now that you’re home more, or all the time. It’s that excess energy that can cause a dog to chew-up pillows, hound their owners, bark a lot, or have indoor accidents.

We’ll partner with you to create a custom dog-walking plan centered on positive reinforcement training. You’ll have direct access to your dog’s walker via our mobile client portal app and each visit will provide GPS walk technology. Our team will also leave a digital report card at the completion of each walk that will include detailed notes from your walker and occasional mind-blowingly adorable pictures of your pet. And we’ll do it all in a regular midday 25-minute visit so you get the best dog walking you can find in Chicago.

Our team is coming to work healthy and happy during COVID-19! Every employee wears a face mask. We’ve been doing this but now it’s an official requirement of anyone in a public space unable to maintain a six-foot social distance. On walks, our attention has always been on the dog and our surroundings to stay safe, but we also take added precaution to avoid anyone without a mask. All non-essential businesses engaged in minimum basic activities to keep their doors open after the pandemic ends, will continue following social distancing requirements. For us, this means establishing a new normal before arriving at people’s homes. If you’re there, we pass off at the door quickly. Small talk happens at a safe distance. And we trust you’re keeping things safe and clean for our health, and yours!


À La Carte


Individual Walks
  • Schedule when needed
  • Subject to availability
  • +$5 additional dog

Happy Hound


Package of 20 walks
  • Flexible scheduling with a cancellation policy
  • +$100 for multiple dogs
  • Money back guarantee

Frequent Frolickers


Package of 30 walks
  • Priority scheduling and no cancellation fee if the cancellation is submitted by 11:00 am on the day of your scheduled walk
  • +$150 for multiple dogs
  • Money back guarantee

Puppy & Senior


  • A 15-minute visit
  • For puppies six months or younger
  • Or seniors seven years or older
  • Only available between 10-5, M-F

Off-Hour Walks


Morning, evening, & weekend
  • Subject to availability
  • Not included in the Happy Hound or Frequently Frolicker walk package
  • +$5 additional dog

Holiday Dog Walk



New clients are responsible for a one time New Client Charge* of $25. This fee can be applied to a future invoice if we complete five visits within the first month of signing up with Rover-Time.

The fee covers:
- A permanent profile in Rover-Time’s client portal.
- A meeting with a member of our team who will take additional notes on your pet(s) that we'll to your online customer profile.
- Ongoing support to ensure that your pet and their primary walker are highly compatible. We will work together to develop a routine that makes every visit a safe and enjoyable experience for your pet.
- Key processing, nondescript key tagging, and key storage in our secure office.
- Access to our mobile client portal app and GPS walk technology.
A digital report card sent at the completion of each visit including detailed notes from your walker and occasional mind-blowingly adorable pictures of your pet.

* In the instance that Rover-Time determines your pet(s) will not be a good candidate for our services, the new client enrollment fee will be refunded.

Other important details:
Walk packages are prepaid in full and setup “punchcard style” for you to use as needed.
Packages must be used within six-months time from date of purchase.
Same day walks requested after 9 a.m. are subject to a $10 surcharge.
Ask about our 15 minute let-out package for senior dogs and puppies under six months of age.

Tail Wags & Happy Parents

I love knowing that whatever else happens during COVID-19, Mouse and Javi will see another human (dogs need socializing too!) and get some exercise. I can rely on Rover-Time to make that happen for me, even when I'm at max capacity with everything else in my life. I know my dogs are in good hands when they go on their adventures. Every Rover-Time walker we have had over the years has been trustworthy and always willing to do what's best for them. Our walkers always wear masks and really limit time inside, which I appreciate. Last spring when so much was unknown, I still felt good about having dog walks during the week. It was truly one less thing to worry about in a sea of so many other worries.

-Sara, Javi's & Mouse's mom

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