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Pet safe toys make the best gifts. Not only will your pet go bananas over a new plaything, but they can safely enjoy them without risk to their health. While many toys appear cute and fun to us, some types of toys can be dangerous to your pet. There are a few easy rules you can follow as a pet owner to keep your animal safe, while they enjoy their new holiday present. 

Different Toys for Different Sizes

Picking out the right size toy for your pet is the easiest way to avoid problems. Small toys given to large dogs can easily be swallowed, resulting in a costly vet visit. On the flip side, a toy that is far too large for your pet can lead to possible injury. Many toy brands offer sizing guidelines on their packaging or website. Be sure to check them before purchasing. 

Pet Safe the Toys Yourself

These are for toys that have ribbons, strings, eyes, ears, etc. that can be chewed off. These items can become lodged in your pet’s stomach. Be sure to remove them if your pet is prone to destroying its toys. 

Throw Away Damaged Toys

Even the most sturdy of pet toys can be damaged over repeated use. If the toy is becoming frayed, ripped, or is coming apart, replace them. A new $10 pet-safe toy is better than an expensive vet visit any day. 

Squeaky toys

Some dogs may try to rip the squeaker out of the toy they are playing with. Often the squeakers are small and can be easily swallowed. Always supervise your dog while they are playing with squeaky toys. If they manage to remove the squeaker, toss it away and replace the toy. 


Some toys may contain harmful chemicals or dyes. If you’re ever in doubt, look at the manufacturer’s webpage or speak with your vet. There are plenty of articles online detailing accounts of lead and toxic chemicals in/on pet toys. When in doubt, smell the toy. If it smells strongly of chemicals, that’s a bad sign. Remember our pets play with their toys usually in their mouths so anything on the toy, they will likely ingest. Brightly colored fabrics and dyes can leach from fabric, especially as a pet mouths them. Do your research and you’ll be all set.


Happy Holidays!


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