Best Parks in Chicago to Take Your Dog

It's Summertime in the City!

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Best Parks in Chicago to Take Your Dog

Finally, summer is HERE!!! Summer in the city is one reason people love to live in Chicago – being outside and enjoying the lovely weather with friends and family after a long, drawn-out winter. One of the best attributes of Chicago is the many parks nestled among the neighborhoods. Some feature dog-friendly, play areas. Others have hidden lagoons and miles of trails to explore. Whatever you’re looking for, you and Fido are sure to find it in Chicago. Check out our list of favorite dog-friendly parks in Chicago!

dog park in chicago

George Bailey chilling at the beach!

Montrose Dog Beach: The best spot to take your water dog.

Does your dog enjoy being in the water, with multitudes of other pups? Then Montrose Dog Beach is the place for you. Featuring a fenced-in beach and lake access, your dog can run off-leash to their heart’s content and burn off all their pent-up energy. There are even on-site dog washing stations to clean off all that sand and lake water after a full day of fun!


Horner Park: Rover-Time hosts our summer Collar Club here!
Rover-Time dog walking group, Collar Club

June 2021, Collar Club

During the summer months, Rover-Time meets with other local dog owners at Horner Park for an in-person, group walking session called Collar Club. Featuring lovely walking trails and river views, a large, fenced-in dog park at the south end is popular with residents (though it is currently undergoing repairs). Horner Park has many sports fields and you can usually catch a game or two featuring the neighborhood sports teams!

Portage Park: Lovely walking trails in a historic park.

While the dog park is on the slightly smaller side, the rest of Portage Park is filled with lots of walking trails and beautiful architecture to check out. During summer, you can usually catch some little league games at the baseball diamond. This is a squirrel hunter’s paradise.

Maya at Logan Square Dog Park

Maya living her best life at Logan Square Dog Park!

Logan Square Dog Park: Approved by Logan Square resident, Maya!

Typically a busier park than others, if your dog is a socialite, this is a great spot to meet new friends and check out some awesome street art. A short walk from the corner of Western and Fullerton, the Logan Square Dog Park is fully fenced, and off-leash approved! During the summer months, you may even find a kiddie pool or two for your dog to cool off in!

Humboldt Park: Tons of trails, walking paths, and wildlife to view.

Former home of alligator “Chance the Snapper“, Humboldt Park has something for everyone. While it doesn’t have an official dog park, you can trek through various landscapes, including lagoons, beaches, nature areas, and community gardens. The park often hosts different events, live music, and sports. It is also one of the larger parks in Chicago, so it’s easy to lose a couple of hours exploring all that Humboldt Park has to offer.

Kaizer sitting in front of the Gompers Lagoon

Kaizer chilling at the Lagoon.

Gompers Park: It has a lagoon. Need I say more?  A Kaizer favorite!

Flanking the North Branch Chicago River, Gompers Park has plenty to offer. Sports fields, auditoriums, and even a fishing area can be found at Gompers Park. LaBagh Woods and the North Branch hiking trail connect to Gompers park, making for easy access to longer hikes for pups that need a little more exercise. Then after you’re good and tired out, you can enjoy a picnic at the groves. Gompers Park really does have something for all dogs!




Do you have a favorite park to take your pup to? Let us know about it in the comments below!


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Brock Casper is the Southwest Region Team Manager for Rover-Time and has been part of the RT team for over two years. He lives in Cleveland with his partner, Laurel, dog Loki, and cat Coltrane.

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