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We here at Rover-Time do a lot of research on dog training and behavior. One of our favorite resources is Facebook Groups. There are a lot of groups out there and it can be difficult to find good ones. Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you! Here are four that we recommend. Plus, you may even make a few new friends in the process!

Positive Force Free R+ Dog Training Library

The Positive Force Free R+ Dog Training Library is an extensive collection of articles, videos, and posts about positive, force-free training methods. The majority of video clips center on learning how to read and understand dog body language. They are easy to understand and digest. The group is updated daily with new content, so it’s easy to spend hours in this group if you’re interested in training. It is a public group, no need to join if you don’t want to.

Dog Training Advice & Support (DTAS)

Dog Training Advice & Support (DTAS) was set up by a group of trainers & behaviorists, this group is for those serious about expanding their dog training knowledge. Before being able to post questions to the group, you have to read two guides and any others that relate to your situation that you are seeking help with. This group is great if you are in the pet industry or are thinking of getting involved.

Do No Harm Dog Training

Do No Harm Dog Training is a group that centers around the “Do No Harm: Dog Training & Behavior Manual” written by Linda Michaels. The manual is broken up into easy-to-reference guides, that are grouped by topic. It only takes a quick browse to find the topic you’d like help with before diving in. The group discussion is open for questions, photos, and even memes! If you’re a dog person, there are definitely a few that will give you a chuckle while you learn how to be a better dog owner or trainer.

Canine Enrichment

Canine Enrichment is a group that is all about sharing different ways owners add enrichment to their pet’s daily activities. Only photos and videos are allowed, so this is not the spot to ask for training advice. But it is open to the public and has a wide variety of easy to reproduce ideas in your own home. Plus, the cute videos are to die for!

Do you have any Facebook Groups that you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comments with a link!


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Brock Casper is the Southwest Region Team Manager for Rover-Time. He’s been part of the RT team for over two years. He lives in Cleveland with his partner, Laurel, dog Loki, and cat Coltrane.


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Jenna Buda

Hi, RT Team! I’ve found a tremendous amount if support in the group Reactive and Aggressive Dog Support Group as we deal with our reactive boy. As I know there are other reactive dog parents in the Rover-Time family, I thought I would pass it along.

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