Squash Gets a Visit from St. Nick

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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the townhomeSqaush2
Not a gadget was stirring not even the iPhone
The holiday train slowly rumbled by in the night
With grown men and women riding in total delight

Squash was nestled snug at the foot of our bed
While visions of bunnies danced in her head
Jeff in his jammies and I in my head-to-toe flannel
Both dreaming of befriending Zooey Deschanel

When all of a sudden Squash jumped from her spot
And started to bark, at what, we knew not
So I nudged my husband to see what’s th’ado
He nearly fell o’er a toy Squash likes to chew

A minute or two later he plopped back in with a clunk
Said is was probably a pickup browsing for junk
Squash’s ears stood straight up and her face got all tense
There must be something else causing her suspense

We flew down the stairs, Squash raced to the lead
We scampered to the window like a mini stampede
Fresh snow had fallen and footsteps were clear
They led up to the front door, someone was here!

We rushed over to the foyer and opened the door
We stood in awe as we discovered dog stuff galore
Squeaky toys, chewies, bouncy balls, treats
Even a stuffed chicken with two rubber feet

On top there was a note from St. Nick himself
With a picture of Rudolph and a short little elf
It was addressed to Squash, the good little pup
who has learned to sit, stay, roll over and politely sit up

He apologized for leaving her gifts on the stoop
But without a chimney, he was thrown through a loop
Our gift this year was just seeing the grin
On our sweet little mutt as she dug in


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