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The other day I sat down at my home computer and found the following poorly-spelled list up on the screen. Apparently our dog has learned to type (and use hyperlinks!), and he has some holiday requests. Behold! I give you: Chauncey Billups Vanderhoff’s 2013 Christmas List – The Twelve Days of Chauncey! (With a brief explanation of each item from me.)

Click on the photos to get a direct link to CBV’s Christmas wishes.

#12. Jameson Loves Danger gift kard.
(One of Chauncey’s favorite stores, I’m not surprised he asked for this. The owners shower him with attention, and he particularly likes their line of seasonal sweaters. I think he also wants to try their grooming service in the new year.)











#11. donayshun to One Tail at a Time in my nayme.
(Chauncey is a rescue dog, so I’m not surprised – and rather touched – that he wants to help other dogs who need a permanent home. One Tail at a Time is an amazing organization that was co-founded by his good friend Miss Andrea, a Rover-Time walker.)











#10. thos barcking dogs singeng jingle Belllz (MP3)
(This is, as the kids say, Chauncey’s jam. I was surprised he specified what format he wants it in…)

#9. A rose Bowl victary for Michigun State over stanfurd (fore my dad)
(I got a little choked up when I saw this one. We’re big Spartans fans at our house, and although I don’t think Chauncey really gets football, he’s definitely intuitive enough to know when his dad is happy.)














Day 8

#8. Dehydratd lamm Lung
(Chauncey doesn’t like many treats at all, but this one is a must-have for training sessions.)








Day 7

#7. Ruff Haus pets gift kard
(Chauncey loves this spot, and it’s just one stop away from us on the brown line. Their knowledgable staff has helped us find food he loves, and has a great selection of toys and chewable items.)



















Day 6

#6. Peas on Erth
(Good boy.)

Day 5

#5. Go to travrs Sity in the Summer
(Chauncey really enjoyed our vacation to Traverse City last summer, I’m happy to see he wants to go back.)








Day 4

#4. Rover-Time shurt
(Have you heard the Rover-Time has a new line of clothing? It’s only for humans right now, but Chauncey has heard Julia talk about having some made for dogs, too. I’m not surprised he wants one.) 


Day 3

#3. Booster seet
(I honestly had to look this one up. I didn’t know these existed, but I can see why he wants it. He loves looking out the window when he’s in the car, but he’s too small to do it without standing on a lap with his paws on the window, the steering wheel, or whatever’s handy.)




Day 2

#2. Evrywun’s atenshun all tha tyme no mater whut
(Yeah, that’s our boy.)



Day 1

#1. a kat
(Chauncey wants a cat so bad. He’s never, ever getting one, unless Julia wins the lottery and follows through on her plan to buy one and hire someone to care for it in a glass room where it won’t affect her allergies, but Chauncey will be able to see it.)










































On December 12 through December 25th we featured one of Chauncey’s wishes each day on Facebook & Twitter. Many joined us over there to at least make fun of his poor spelling. Some even fulfilled his wildest dog dreams!



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This made me LOL harder than I care to admit.

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