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Dog Tricks For The Busy Pet Parent (and not so busy)

It's pure joy to see your pet learn something new and teaching tricks is one of the most rewarding ways to interact with your pup. However, many pet parents don't have the time to keep up with training. As an on-the-go pet parent herself, Katy shares some ideas for fun tricks that build on typical dog behaviors and range from beginner to advanced.

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Look Who’s Talking: The Things Dogs & Babies Would Bond Over

Despite the dangers of close encounters of the baby-dog kind, Katy loves to observe the uncanny similarities between the two “species”. In her opinion, they have so much in common. So she continues our blog's dog-baby relationship theme this month with her own perspective on reasons why dogs and babies would theoretically make good friends - if they could talk.

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Seasonal “Kong Parfait” Recipes and Tips

Katy shares her favorite Kong combinations using dog-approved, seasonal ingredients as well as some helpful tips for keeping things tidy and extra delicious. And Chauncey Billups Vanderhoff (Julia and Mark's kid) models the behavior of a normal dog enjoying a Kong, which is unheard of on a regular day at their house.

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Our Pets’ Ultimate Dreams Come True

Have you ever imagined what your pet's ultimate fantasy would be? What would your dog or cat say heaven looks like? Katy asked some Rover-Timers and friends this question and got some really fun answers.

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