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6 Common Issues with Puppy Mill Survivors

As the public becomes more aware of puppy mills – large-scale breeding operations with conditions at or below the minimum considered “humane” – more survivors become available for adoption. Once rescued and adopted out, these dogs can make great, loving family members. However, there are specific issues common for these pups that a potential adopter should be prepared to handle.

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Teach Your Dog to File Her Own Nails

This month Kiki Yablon shares a unique plan for how to keep your dog's nails trimmed during the winter.

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5 Ways to Get Your Dog Ready For Winter

Winter is back and if you live in or around Chicago like we do, your wounds from last winter are still fresh. The best we can do is be prepared for whatever lies ahead. Here are 5 ways to prepare your pup for the colder temps!

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Management: The Missing Link

This month Kiki Yablon, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, writes about why reinforcing the behavior you want is only half the battle. (And no, the other half is not punishment.)

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10 Most Dangerous Items A Dog Can Pick Up

You're proud of yourself for maintaining a good amount of focus on your dog while you're out and about with them but what should you really keep an eye out for? Today we list the top ten most dangerous items to keep out of your dog's mouth.

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Why Every Pet Owner Should Become Pet CPR & First Aid Certified

This week we share our perspectives on the importance of emergency preparedness. This is a must read for all pet parents and animal caregivers!

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Good Dog or Bad Dog: Growling

We’re often asked about occasional growling, what it means, and how to react. It’s a pretty common canine behavior across all breeds, sizes, and ages but Melissa wrote in about her little gal named Molly, who grumbles at other dogs on walks. Today, Lynda replies to her questions about how to manage her social skills and if it’s a good or bad sign.

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How Cats And Dogs Communicate

Do you share a home with the two most popular household pets? This week Lynda shares more on how to avoid the “fighting like cats and dogs” stereotype by understanding the common ways our pets communicate similarly and differently.

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Chauncey & Baby: The Story Begins

Julia knows that being an entrepreneur means working through challenges. And running a business while pregnant comes with a unique set of challenges. Add in one over-confident, territorial, and anxious 8lb. Chihuahua-Terrier mix that thinks of himself as the center of the universe and you could have a mini-series of blog content.

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Back to School: 5 Reasons To Keep Training With Your Dog Past Puppyhood

Back to school season has us thinking about dog training. Go figure. Here are Lynda's top five reasons to head back to the classroom with your pooch.

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