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Why Did Rover-Time Close?

After ten years of quality dog walks and pet care, Rover-Time is saying goodbye. As its owner, I’m grateful for this opportunity to share more on the decision and I deeply appreciate your curiosity in what brought us here. In this post, I’ll explain why Rover-Time is closing for good and will answer some of those FAQs that have come in since our announcement.

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Dental Care for Cats

Dental Care for Cats Here is the bad news, your cat is probably going to have problems with its teeth. 50-90% of cats over four end up with teeth problems. They also do not have enzymes in their mouths like humans do that help them fight teeth disease. The good news is that most common dental problems in cats are …

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Experts Share Holiday Pet Safety Tips for a Happy and Healthy Festive Season

Rover-Time was recently featured in RedFin's article "Experts Share Holiday Pet Safety Tips for a Happy and Healthy Festive Season"!

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Pet Safe Toys Buying Guide

It's the holiday season and buying pet safe toys for your animals is a must! Before you purchase a gift for your dog or cat, read our guide!

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