Meet The Dog Of The Week: Vin

Meet the dog of the week: Vin

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Meet the Dog Of The Week: Vin 

Vin’s walker Chloe has the inside scoop about Vin

Meet the dog of the week Vin! This beautiful, sweet, shy girl is a wonderful and important part of our Rover-Time family, and we are so excited for you to get to know all about her.

Dog Name: Vin

Owner Name: Linsey

Breed: Lab mix

Birthday: November 21, 2017

What are Vin’s favorite foods? Sweet Potatoes

What are Vin’s favorite tricks to do for treats? Bow OR our handshake (sit, five, snoot boop, spin) 

What is Vin’s idea of a perfect day? Vin’s idea of a perfect day would be an endless yard, filled with trees, squirrels, and bunnies. She would spend the day sprinting and stalking the other creatures.

Theme Song: What Does the Fox Say

Favorite Activity: Stalking bunnies.

Nicknames: Vindaloo. 

What challenges did you encounter with Vin? She loves picking things up off the ground! I have to remain ever vigilant, if I let down my guard for one second, suddenly she has a McDonald’s wrapper in her mouth.

What is your favorite memory with Vin?  Honestly, it’s super fun to stalk squirrels and bunnies with her. She goes into a full point and stealth mode.

If Vin had a catch-phrase, what would it be? “And now, we sprint!”

If Vin was a famous movie character, who would it be? The Flash and The Arrow combined into one superhero

Thanks for reading about our girl Vin

Vin is one of our very favorite dogs in town. We hope you are as much in love with Vin as we are. Check out more Dog Of The Week Posts here.


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