How to teach Recall

a safety system for your dog.

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How to teach Recall

This is the perfect time to learn some new safety skills with your dog. One of those is called Recall (“come”). Recall can save you and your dog from awkward, and possibly dangerous situations. This is a useful skill for dogs that tend to have A.D.D. during walks and/or exhibit high energy responses to other dogs, squirrels, and other stimuli. If your dog is an escape artist, this is especially important.

What exactly is Recall?

Recall or “come” is convincing your dog that you are more interesting & exciting than whatever is currently drawing their attention. When you teach your dog Recall, you are showing them that you are awesome, way better than the world around them and that if they come when you call, they will be rewarded and praised.

Some Basics on Training Recall:

Reward judiciously & deliciously. 

  • Make the snack extra special! Hot dogs work great!
  • Always reward when they come at your call
  • Recall should be fun and end positively

Sell it! 

  • Verbally encourage your dog at every step
  • Always be upbeat & positive
  • Pay attention to your tone and body language

Recognize dog communication

The leash is your friend!

  • Always keep your dog on a leash while training recall

How to train Recall

1. With your dog on a leash, call them to you
2. After they come to you, give them rewards and praise
3. Repeat!
4. Even if you’re doing this in your yard, keep your dog leashed.

Having trouble?

  • Make fun, interesting noises: clap, whistle, sing, baby talk
  • Play “chase me” and run the opposite way
  • Gently reel them in with the leash
  • Change up your posture: crouch down, turn sideways, avert your eyes, etc.
  • Get better snacks!!!
  • Remember, you need to be more fun/interesting than the environment

Follow these simple rules and soon you and Fido will be enjoying safe, leisurely walks every time you step out the door. As with all things related to dog training, keep it fun!


Brock Casper is the Southwest Region Team Manager for Rover-Time and has been part of the RT team for two years. When he isn’t working he enjoys reading, playing video games, watching horror films, and going on walks with his dog, Loki.  He lives in the northwest part of Chicago with his partner, Laurel. They enjoy making delicious food together and watching cooking shows.

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