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Guess what we hear? The sounds of summer and the quick pitter-patter of puppy paws. Rover-Time’s most requested event is coming back; welcome back Collar Club – The coolest club in town!

Come and check out that feeling of pure happiness that comes with heading outside with your best four-legged pal and trying something new. Our first walk is on June 19th and there is still plenty of time to join the session.

Chicago dog owners, if you didn’t get the chance to check us out last year, here are a couple of reasons to come out and give it a whirl! (While you are at it, check out the benefit of long walks)

Why Collar Club?

It’s almost summer! Chicagoans know that we only get around three months each year of perfect weather and we should be taking full advantage of it. Collar Club takes place in June, July, and August just the right time to be out and about with your furry friends.

Your dogs will love sniffing all of the new smells and getting to be outside. We’ve all been spending a lot of time stuck inside, this is the perfect opportunity to socialize while practicing social distancing.

Time to socialize!

Socialization with dogs is an incredibly important skill and it is something that often can be taught or improved on. So if your dog is a sociable Sally or a shy Sheldon they can still benefit from group walks. The way we do the walks allows us to be as together or apart as we are comfortable with.

Even some of our more reactive dog friends have enjoyed the Collar Club while observing the other dogs as they walked with their owner and worked with a trainer. If you are interested in bringing your more reactive dog to Collar Club, just pin something yellow to your dog’s harness or collar, that will signal for the other dog parents to keep their distance.

Hang out with our walkers!

We will be working with some of our favorite walkers! Working with your dogs in a more open and loose setting can be a great excuse to work even with veteran dogs on new skills or to practice old skills that might need a refresher! (It’s also a great time to brush up on how to heel).

An added benefit of working in a larger group is that you’ll be able to observe the other dogs on walks and pick up some tricks from fellow dog owners.

So much has been canceled, this is a chance to let your dog be around other dogs safely. Collar Club will follow all COVID-19 guidelines and maintain social distancing during this event.

We all had such a wonderful time during the last Collar Club. We hope to see you and your furry friend there!

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