Heading Back To School: 5 Reasons to Keep Training Your Dog Past Puppyhood

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It’s Back to School season!

While school-aged children everywhere clear Target’s shelves to stock up on their school supplies in preparation for the year ahead, Chicago’s dog trainers are buying their tasty treats and brushing up for a new season of dog training courses. And many pet parents are getting ready to enroll in those classes. Typically, when people think of dog training classes, they think puppies. We see a lot of people who stop training after puppy class, but there are so many reasons to keep at it with your dog!


Rover-Time’s 5 reasons keep working with your adult dog…

#1. It’s fun!
For dogs, training is essentially a game. Your dog has to figure out what she has to do in order to get that treat/ball/attention, as in “what do I have to do to win this game?” Positive reinforcement training creates dogs that enjoy working with people. Not to mention how much fun it can be for the human! I love seeing a dog “get it.” If you have kids, they’ll most likely love teaching the dog new tricks too! Have you tried agility? Nosework? There are tons of options to keep things fresh.

#2. It’s not too late to teach an old dog new tricks!
Like people, much of a dog’s brain development happens early on, so it’s important to begin training and socialization early (if you acquire your dog as a puppy). However, dogs are always learning, even as seniors. Older dogs can learn new behaviors, but they may learn slower than a younger dog would. Still, learning new things keeps us sharp, both humans and canines alike!

#3. It’s good for your dog!
For most of us, our dogs don’t have any “jobs” aside from just being a good pet. Depending on the breed, many dogs still have that drive to work – after all, most breeds were developed to DO something for us humans. Training is a great way to channel all that excess energy into something good, as opposed to destroying your shoes, for example. Giving your dog something to do, even if it’s just a few tricks here and there, feeds their need for mental stimulation and tires them out. In fact, even 5 minutes of training the basics (sit, down, etc.) can wear out your pooch plenty.

#4. It’s good for YOU!
Study after study proves that spending time with our animals is good for our mental and physical health. We all know this to be true. Consistent training with your dog will also cause you to be less frustrated with your dog. Does he bark at the doorbell? Teach him that the doorbell means “go grab your stuffed toy,” or “go lie down on your bed and be quiet.” The more you work with your dog, the stronger his responses will become. Consistent training with your dog can help you avoid this problem altogether!

#5. Classes give you structure to achieve 1-4!
Working with with your dog strengthens the relationship between the two of you, so if you’ve adopted an adult dog, I would recommend getting in a class even if your new dog already knows the basics. Attending classes allows you to receive feedback from the trainer to keep challenging your adult dog. Your dog will have the opportunity to be in the same room as other dogs, which is something many of us don’t do past puppy class. The classroom environment also provides built-in distractions, which helps your dog develop a strong focus on you. Even if you’ve done class before, everyone can benefit in some way from a refresher!









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