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Meet the Dog of the Week: Molly

Meet the dog of the week: Molly. Molly's bestie Nicole has all the info on Molly!

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Meet the Dog of the Week: Olive

Meet the dog of the week: Olive! Olive is the sweetest lady in town. Once she gets to know you, she will happily demand treats and cuddles.

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Dawgs and Dames: Does Gender Matter?

Let’s get physical Dawgs and Dames: does gender matter? Let’s start by looking at the physical differences between male and female dogs. There are basic hormonal differences between boy dogs and girl dogs that can affect behavior. An unneutered male dog will most likely mark more frequently and can have more aggressive tendencies. An unspayed female will go into heat …

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Meet The Dog Of The Week: Sammy

Meet the dog of the week: Sammy! Sammy is a love-bug who will happily give kisses all day long. Sammy enjoys cuddles and being chased around the house.

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