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Q&A with the Awesome Organizers of Community Pet Day

Chicago Pet Coalition hosted Community Pet Day in Humboldt Park on May 18. Nearly 240 dogs and their families were served in just four hours! Heather Owen from One Tail was kind enough to sit down for a quick Q&A to explain more.

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Our New Friends: Felines & Canines

This month we’re excited to feature Chicago-based Felines & Canines. Their passion for animal advocacy and rescue has made a huge impression on Rover-Timers and we’re thrilled to share this Q&A with Felines and Canine’s Executive Director, Abby Smith.

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Our New Friends: Lincoln Bark

This month we're excited to feature Chicago-based Lincoln Bark. Their super yummy treats have made a huge impression on Rover-Timers and we're thrilled to share this Q&A with Lincoln Bark's President, Bobbye Cochran.

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November’s Delight: Pets Are Like Family

Rover-Time is inspired and delighted by Pets Are Like Family. Their mission is to help Chicago pet parents have a loving, responsible relationship with their pets by providing education, resources, counseling and referral services; to keep pets with their families and avoid pet relinquishment. Julia and Alicia Obando, it's founder, sat down for a special interview.

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