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GPS Tracking: Should We Track Our Dog Walkers Every Move?

Rover-Time is proudly not for everyone. We aren't striving to be the Walmart of dog walking and we’re not afraid to draw a clear line in the sand from our competition. But we can’t ignore that a lot of our competitors are getting into GPS tracking. So should we???

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An Honest Look at Being a Dog Walker

Julia takes an in-depth look at dog walking as a profession. You'll learn why its not a forever job for most, why hiring the right people makes a world of difference, and what a walker is often giving up in exchange for the opportunity to walk other people's dogs.

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What Really Happened in 2013?

Jumping onboard and sharing Rover-Time’s achievements and stats is tempting. But I got to thinking: what really happened in 2013? What’s Rover-Time capable of doing today that we did differently this time last year?

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Awkward Rituals: Holiday Tipping

There are a few rituals more awkward than end-of-year tipping. And having received about ten or twelve emails from our kind clients questioning the best way to compensate their beloved dog walker, I’m breaking out the blog to assist.

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