How To Be Ready For An Emergency With Your Pet

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Show of hands: which of you animal-obsessed readers are certified in Pet First Aid/CPR? Who purchased a few kits for around the house? Got one in your car?

I’m heading back for recertification soon, so thinking about managing emergencies has been on my mind lately.

When I opened Rover-Time I went through this really inexpensive, easy-to-do training at The Anti-Cruelty Society here in Chicago. They organize a First Aid/CPR class monthly so every new hire I bring on board goes through the same training and it’s worked so well I tell everyone to sign up for it. If you’re local, you should consider going!

When really bad stuff happens, the same rules that apply to people apply to your cat and dog. Preparation makes a difference and if it’s not safe for you it’s not safe for them, be it a bad cut or a tornado striking down. Take a few minutes today or this weekend to make a plan and assemble an emergency kit for yourself and that fur face of yours.

Need some pointers? The Internet has a ton on this topic. Obviously some articles come from more reputable sources than others. Here a few of my favorite resources:

We’ll wrap today’s public service announcement with some classic photo collages of my team in training. I get a kick out of these so… (It’s those stuffed Berners.)

Mary & Cecilia First Aid Brandy First Aid Andrea & Dennis First Aid

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