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3 Reasons To (Really) Know Your Dog’s Breed

Lynda used to think a dog’s breed had nothing to do with its behavior. Making any assumption based on breed felt wrong to her, like some kind of unfair profiling. But the more she studied canine behavior, the more she began to recognize the importance of genetics in our most beloved companions. Read on to learn the three reasons YOU should care.

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How To Be Ready For An Emergency With Your Pet

When really bad stuff happens, the same rules that apply to people apply to your cat and dog. Preparation makes a difference and if it's not safe for you it's not safe for them, be it a bad cut or a tornado striking down. Learn how to make a plan and assemble an emergency kit for yourself and that fur face of yours.

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Awkward Rituals: Holiday Tipping

There are a few rituals more awkward than end-of-year tipping. And having received about ten or twelve emails from our kind clients questioning the best way to compensate their beloved dog walker, I’m breaking out the blog to assist.

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Maintaining Happiness

This winter of spring weather has certainly helped keep a bounce in my step, which is a welcome change from the past several years of bitter cold Marches or rainy Aprils. I am thrilled spring has arrived. From now until we hit super high heat indexes, my bragging seems entitled. I can say to anyone that I really …

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