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Recently one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods welcomed a brand new small business to its bustling main stretch of wonderful shops and boutiques. Jameson Loves Danger was on my radar months before it opened its doors and as soon as it did, I met its fantastic owners J Horne and Gracie Whalen and was sold. Andersonville has lucked out.

Q. Tell the story of how your store came to be.
A. Jameson Loves Danger was created from two friends love of their respective dogs, Jameson (lab husky mix) and Danger ( poodle Boston terrier mix), and for their community and neighborhood. Our main goal in mind, to provide our community with the best possible shopping experience for their dog and cat families.

Q. How does JLD define service?
A. Customer service to us is appreciating and respecting our customers for choosing us as their pet solution store, when they have so many options. We do this by a genuine greeting and interactions. From entrance to exit they will feel as the most important customer. We also are really careful to select the best possible products to fill our shelves (From Julia: and they do!) and by trying to extend the best value for those products that we can.

Q. Explain the different programs and services JDL offers along side the retail store?
We offer:

  • Full service grooming
  • Self wash $14.00
  • JLD rewards program. Earn a point for every dollar spent and earn coupons!
  • Dog training
  • A variety of social events

Q. What are some upcoming events?

  • 1/9/13, 7:00pm – Woof & Wine Wednesday Join JLD for one of their favorite events of the month. Wine and beer is served and you and your dog(s) can come inside where it’s warm to enjoy play dates for everyone! Dogs are allowed off-leash if you like and there is a blocked off area for smaller dogs or those who need more space. The register is open for purchases as long as the store is open as well. Hope to see you then!
  • 1/16/13, 7:00pm – Animal Owners/Lovers Singles Night Pet owners are special people and deserve special like-minded folks in their lives! Come to Singles Night at Jameson Loves Danger, enjoy some drinks, meet other pet owners and maybe make a love connection! Perhaps you’ll find someone to take a turn with those cold winter walks or who can warm you up once you and your dogs get home. Dogs are welcomed.

Q. What is the best advice you have for folks welcoming their first pet in to the home? What are the “must have” items for first pet owners?
Best advice is:

  • Have a great trainer
  • Learn the importance of human animal communication so they can be sure they are reinforcing and cultivating appropriate behavior
  • Get a crate
  • Provide safe chew toys
  • Serve all natural food and treats
  • Buy toys that stimulate the young pup
  • Provide lots and lots of activity/socialization

Jameson Loves Danger is located at 5208 N. Clark Street. You can connect with them via Facebook or stop in to their store to join their mailing list!


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