3 Easy DIY Dog Toys

Fun and easy DIY dog toys made with household items

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3 Easy DIY Dog Toys

Do you and your dog find yourself with some extra time on your hands and paws these days? Why not get crafty and make some DIY toys with stuff you have laying around the house? Here are 3 simple and easy DIY dog toys that will keep your pup entertained while you catch up on those pesky emails or participate in your daily Zoom meeting.

3 Rover-Time recommended DIY toys :

What you’ll need:

Old tennis ball

Old, large t-shirt

Trusty scissors


Lay your shirt flat and cut from armpit to armpit across the chest. Then cut again across the middle. After you have two loops, cut the loop at the seam so you have two long pieces of fabric.

Lay them crosswise and place the ball in the middle. Gather the ends of the fabric and tie them off with a spare piece of T-shirt fabric.

If you’re feeling really crafty, you can braid the straps of your new DIY toy to look like an octopus!

What you’ll need:

Tennis ball

Rope or old denim jeans work well too

Exacto knife / Razor


Cut the tennis ball on opposite sides of the tennis ball.

Thread through the rope or braided denim halfway through the hole

After you’ve pulled the rope through halfway, tie off each side with a large enough knot so it can’t be pulled back through the tennis ball.

Time to toss it around in the yard!

What you’ll need:

Various sized cardboard tubes (recycling for the win!)

A shoebox

Trusty scissors!


Cut the tubes to be multiple lengths

Fill a shoebox with the tubes sticking up out of the box

When you’re ready to use, fill the tubes with various high-value treats and watch them go to work trying to get them out! 

Research continues to show that playtime is valuable to both you and your dog. Check out our blog “5 Reasons You Should Play With Your Dog” to learn more! It’s a great way to get some exercise so be sure to get out there and play to your heart’s content! Or at least until you run out of treats!


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Brock Casper is the Southwest Region Team Manager for Rover-Time and has been part of the RT team for two years. When he isn’t working he enjoys reading, playing video games, watching horror films, and going on walks with his dog, Loki.  He lives in the northwest part of Chicago with his partner, Laurel. They enjoy making delicious food together and watching cooking shows.



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