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12 Days of CBV: One Million Treats from Ava’s Pet Palace

Today, we’re sharing Chauncey’s sixth deepest desire for this year’s holiday season. He’d like to be showered with treats from Ava's Pet Palace. And he'd like you, our dear reader, to consider bringing some of these home for your own dog because all dogs should try these.

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12 Days of CBV: Custom Portrait by Eliza Rosen

CBV, Chicago's best Chihuahua Terrier, makes his eighth big holiday ask. He wants to be painted like one of your French girls.

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12 Days of CBV: Day To Myself

My Chihuahua Terrier is still at it with his cheerful holiday demands. So far I've been impressed with his thoughtful asks: just a simple photo with Santa and a donation to a rescue. Looks like today is just some simple peace and quiet.

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Q&A with the Awesome Organizers of Community Pet Day

Chicago Pet Coalition hosted Community Pet Day in Humboldt Park on May 18. Nearly 240 dogs and their families were served in just four hours! Heather Owen from One Tail was kind enough to sit down for a quick Q&A to explain more.

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