Look Who’s Talking: The Things Dogs & Babies Would Bond Over

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Here at Rover-Time, we are on a bit of a baby kick. Maybe it’s the awesome warm weather bringing out all the strollers that has us thinking about the baby-dog relationship. I don’t have a baby of my own, but I have a nephew, Arlo, who is just under 1 year old. I’m fortunate that my brother and sister-in-law live close by so I can hang with the ‘Lo on the regs.

Arlo & Squashy

Arlo and Squash have met several times now and it can be a tense situation not knowing exactly how either one will react to each other at any second. After reading Kiki’s and Julia’s blogs this month, I have a better sense for how to manage the space when they are together (I need lots more frozen Kongs!) and I’ll be more cautious when they are within arms/mouth reach, especially now that Arlo is on the verge of walking.

Despite the dangers of close encounters of the baby-dog kind, I love to observe the uncanny similarities between the two “species”. They have so much in common. Sadly, neither one is self-aware enough to bond over the things that bring them both joy.

This got me thinking, what if Arlo and Squash could have a conversation – Look Who’s Talking style? (Cue Wayne’s World dream sequence dissolve)

Arlo: Yo, Squash.
Squash: Yeah, I’m Squash.
A: What are you chewing on?
S: Oh I found this piece of paper and I’m trying to make more of them. So far I’ve made 35 smaller pieces of paper.
A: Lookin’ good. I also love pulling paper off tables and putting it in my mouth. And howabout that fun crinkly sound paper makes?
S: Yeah! If only paper squeaked. Can you imagine if paper squeaked??
A: I’d make a house out of squeaky paper.
S: I’d rip that squeaky paper house into a million pieces in 5 minutes.
A: I’d help you!
S: My mom would not be very happy though.
A: Mine neither, but all I have to do is smile and burp. That usually wins her over.
S: Totally. If I look guilty and put my ears back, my head down and wag my tail real slow, my mom forgives me. She’ll even come over and give me a belly rub.
A: What else do you like to gnaw on?
S: Pens.
A: Hands.
S: Recycling.
A: I haven’t tried recycling. Maybe when I start walking. How about sunglasses? I love chewing on sunglasses.
S: Yeah, but I chewed on my mom’s favorite pair once, so I stopped that.
A: Well, maybe she should stop leaving things around the house.
S: I know, right?! What am I supposed to do when there’s a hairbrush on the edge of a table?
A: Hang on…errrrr….I have to poop.
S: I have the same pooping face!
Together: Twinsies! *high five*
S: My two favorite things about going on walks is pooping and hearing people say how cute I look.
A: You wouldn’t even believe how many chicks coo over me when I’m in public.
S: I can believe it. Look at those cheeks!
A: Well, your huge ears are undeniable.
S: Aw, stop….what else?
A: Well, at least you’ll always be cute. One day I’m going to grow up and look like my dad.
S: He’s a pretty cool dad.
A: I know. We’ve got it pretty good, hunh?
S: No doubt.
A: I’m tired. I’m going to nap now.
S: I was thinking the same thing.

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who has mimicked conversations with their pets and babies. The sheer number of feelings I have projected onto Squash is ridiculous. But that’s the fun of having a dog (or a baby).

While dogs and babies shouldn’t mingle, I enjoy having them both around for much the same reasons: their adorableness.

How about you…

Do you make up conversations with your pets and/or babies?
Do you give your baby/pet a certain voice when they “talk”?
What’s the biggest similarity and dissimilarity you see between babies and dogs?



Katy comes with an advertising background and a Master’s in Social Psychology, so she can basically read your mind. She’s also the proud parent of a sweet, smart, energetic “borador” named Squash (aka Squasharina, aka Squashinator, aka Squishy). Katy helps manage Marketing and Operations at Rover-Time with Julia.

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What a funny and clever post. I often make up internal dialogues for both Sloane and Munches (Sloane, when Munches is barking: "What is that Munches on about now?") but I haven't done a full blown conversation. Yet. This post has inspired me to imagine such a dialogue! I haven't assigned voices to either of them but the conversation I create will inform such voices. And the biggest similarity I find between the two, besides the obvious, what can I put in my mouth today which may or may not kill me, is that they each thrive off of human cuddles and love, and both get excited and happy to see me when i've been away from them for a bit. Truly, Munches is my first child. He has grown so tolerant and protective of Sloane but is still feeling her out, and where she fits in his world, every day.


Dogs and kids/babies have a lot in common! #1 Exploring the world with their mouths. #2 Potty training #3 Both thrive on positive reinforcement #4 Using a leash for safety should not be shameful.


Very cute, made my day. Thanks for sharing!


I definitely enjoyed this post. We have a new kitten in the family and my 3 year old son loves playing with him. I didn't have to make up the talking because he usually makes stories and talks to him every single day. Truly fun and effective stress reliever!

Llyane @FrenchOnSkype

So funny!! You should do this more - it's so entertaining :) Yes, of course, I talk to my dog back and forth - she's my best excuse to talk to myself in the street and not be perceived as crazy LOL

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