A Peanut Heads to the Beach

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I believe humans underestimate how happy a good life makes us. Things get so busy sometimes for you all, and the worries you guys feel we feel with you. So it’s nice to take time to just be a dog. Recently I got out for Julia’s Swim Club. I know you’re reading this thinking I’m just a Dachshund, but I really did see and feel moments of tranquility. We headed out to Montrose dog beach on a day that no one else was there but us. It was just a whole beach and little me with little Lila, my new friend that Julia also cares for.

Around the time of day we got there it was low tide. Several big birds had landed on the wet sand, towards the end of the beach. I ran with all my might to get to them and right before they were mine, they leaped in to the air and flew in a circle above me and waited until I ran back towards Julia. And then they’d land again! So I’d run their way and we began a fun game with each other. It was the best.

And I can’t quite tell you what a body of water does for me, be it large or small. I can try however. It brings me a deep joy and calm. Water is so “alive” and peaceful at the same time. Sure, at times it can be intense and scary. I just love it; there is really no other way to say it. Dogs really are supposed to be connected with nature, I think.

Lila and I worked on digging a big hole together. The sand went from dry to wet and heavy. I saw little shells and beach bugs. I grabbed twigs from Lila’s mouth and we’d play tug until one of us would win. The water was chilly that day, so I’d go as far in as the tips of my sandy paws and I watched with wonder as the water ran over them.

Oh and the sky! It was so beautiful that day! It was full of big white clouds and the sun peeked though so brightly! It was wonderful!

My advice to all my human friends is simple. Pull yourself away for a moment and just get to the lakefront. Do it with your dog or without. Give yourself enough time to chase something, even if it’s just with your eyes. Make sure you look up. And then back down. Let your feet get sandy and wet. And take deep breaths and appreciate life. This is what it’s all about.



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