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Rover-Time loves Chicago Canine Concierge. And not because we’re part of their extensive network of pet service providers but because its owner, Tracey Gold is an inspiration! Tracey works her tail off (no pun intended) to connect with the best pet care services, providers, and products in Chicago and throughout the suburbs. She does all the research so her clients don’t have to and provides referrals for trainers, groomers, dog walkers, doggie daycares, boarding choices, pet transportation options, vets, even pet food!

Tracey began her career working with and for dogs as a kennel manager. She left the position after many of her clients suggested she open her own dog walking company in 2009. Tracey concentrated her business in a very specific Chicago neighborhood but continued to receive inquiries from folks needing help with their pets in other areas of the city. Since she loved providing referrals she came up with an idea to start a networking board on Facebook. Here she could share opportunities for work with friends in the industry and in return she could help pet parents. Networking comes naturally to Tracey and as the Facebook group began to grow and referral inquiries continued to flow in she decided it was time to more formally launch a referral company in May, 2011.

Since we’re both entrepreneurs, I asked for her best advice to anyone interested in starting a pet business. She responded: “Get out there. Network and market yourself and get to know everyone. This business is all about word-of-mouth referrals.”

In her free time, Tracey pours herself in to the world of rescue work. She’s a huge supporter of Safe Humane Chicago because of their dog rehabilitation work and the education programs they offer to the public. And its pretty likely you’ll find her at Chicago Party Animals monthly, if not weekly. She’s great friends with the owners, Josie & Tim, and she adores the great relationship she’s formed with the two over the last year or so. She also recently joined the board of A Dog’s Day Rescue as the Director of Events.

Chicago Canine Concierge has a ton of great testimonials and stories from customers served. Tracey is always moved by the wonderful word-of-mouth stories that people begin with when they phone her to ask for help. Hearing how people find CCC is a complete joy for her. Personally, the reason I love her company is pretty simple. Tracey and Chicago Canine Concierge helps me feel like a company made up of hundreds. When I get a call from a family looking for a boarding alternative and I can’t assist on the dates they need, the first person I mention is Tracey. I’m confident that everyone I send her way gets the help they need and on an even more personal note, Tracey has single-handedly built up a community around my industry. Suddenly it feels much less cutthroat and so much more supportive. And I am really grateful for that.

You can find even more information on CCC by way of their website and follow them on their Facebook and Twitter page!


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