12 Days of CBV: Hat

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Chauncey has been pretty diligent about his holiday wishlist but today’s note has really thrown us for a loop. We’re not really sure what to make of it.

Day 9: hat

A hat?

We’re almost wondering if he started to type something and got distracted by the doorbell. He hasn’t seemed overly interested in wearing hats in the past. Proof seen here:

Maybe he was trying to type something else? We tried searching “Chauncey Billups hat” on Google to see if that might help us come up with some ideas. We found this pretty righteous 2004 collectible. We’re going to keep that in our cart until we come up with some other idea. Stay tuned. We might find out more.

Until then, feel free to review Day 12, Day 11, and Day 10.




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C dog is onto something with that hat—it looks pretty awesome!

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