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4 Helpful Resources for Dogs With Storm Phobias

Life changes in a lot more positive ways than negative when you become a pet parent but for those of us that live with thunder phobic dogs, it’s easy to go from a lover of storms to absolute hate. It’s almost as we revolve around the weather report. So this week, Julia shares a few of her very favorite resources for pet parents with dogs that have storm phobias.

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4 Reasons Public Speaking Is Important To Do

I work to personally connect with my audience through our blog and in our monthly newsletters but when given the opportunity to demonstrate my expertise out in person, I get super excited. I have a speaking engagement coming up in a few days actually. It will be the second time I present on the topic of visiting pets as it relates to multiple dog households and I’m relatively confident all will go as planned. To psych myself up for what will inevitably be challenging, I created this list of four reasons I should go for it.

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3 Timesaving Tips To Take Before Meeting With A New Dog Trainer

Rover-Time pet parents more often hire professionals that work with ethical responsibility than ones that do not. They select trainers that “get” that all living things repeat behaviors that are rewarding and know the significant reasons for not using physical punishment or force with dogs. But if you ever wondered, “How should I get ready for them? How do I explain what’s going on with my dog?” this article will provide 3 simple, money-saving tips for that first meeting.

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How To Be Ready For An Emergency With Your Pet

When really bad stuff happens, the same rules that apply to people apply to your cat and dog. Preparation makes a difference and if it's not safe for you it's not safe for them, be it a bad cut or a tornado striking down. Learn how to make a plan and assemble an emergency kit for yourself and that fur face of yours.

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