4 Helpful Resources for Dogs With Storm Phobias

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King of StormsRemember what thunderstorms were like before you had a dog?

Think back to those days or nights when thunder would roll in. The trees made the most beautiful rustling, the sky got a mysterious cover to it, maybe showers began to fall, but not enough that you couldn’t open a window just a bit to let that fresh, smell of spring in?

You’d climb onto your most comfortable chair and watch the world outside and be thankful for shelter and a sense of place. Maybe delivery was on its way – something comforting. Or you cozy up to a cup of tea, cover yourself in your favorite blanket just be.

Life changes in a lot more positive ways than negative when you become a pet parent but for those of us that live with thunder phobic dogs, it’s easy to go from a lover of storms to absolute hate.

And I see this shift in my client’s lives as well. It’s almost as we revolve around the weather report. So this week, I’d like to share a few of my very favorite resources for owners of dogs with storm phobias:


In the comments below, I’d love to hear how you and your dog survive storm season.
What are your favorite tools & resources (better yet, link us there!)?
Have a success story to share?

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Oh, those poor babies. My dogs don't have storm phobia, but are scared of fireworks. I have to snuggle them in the house with lots of attention to distract them from it.


Thank you for sharing these resources. I am not aware of either of my children having thunderstorm phobia (in fact, haven't heard much thunder roll around since I live in Houston and I MISS THEM!) but my Shnauzer was attacked by another dog three years ago and has been particularly aggressive to other male dogs ever since... it's kind of out of hand... will definitively look more into desensitization and counter conditioning!


Poor Surf - he shakes and cowers. I've had success with the Thundershirt and calming drops/natural medicine. I've also been known to give him a good firm squeeze (NOT excited petting) that serves a similar purpose to the Thundershirt :)


I have 2 dogs that are scared of storms and fireworks. As long as we have them both in bed with use during the storm season and for the 4th of July we are fine. My beagle Hannah( RIP) she would dive for cover and we would have to go and crawl under the bed to get her out after it was all over with.


With my dog Cooper who is a Shih tzu Caviler when ever its thunderstorming or fireworks Cooper uses a jacket or a Thunderblanket works great for him. We gave him nyquill or tylon for babies 1 time and that cailmed him down.

Andrea - LifeAfterBread Health Coaching

Ohh how I remember the stress of those stormy nights when my lovely Staffie boy George was alive! Thankfully, Puck doesn't suffer from storm phobia... but my brother's dog is very fearful of them so I'm sharing your excellent resources - thank you!


In a thunderstorm, our childhood pup, Chloe the Corgi, would hide behind the toilet in the tiny bathroom downstairs. It was sad to see her scared, but it was really hard not to laugh when she'd have to wiggle her big butt backwards to get out from behind that small space. Just feeling sheltered and secure seemed to make her stay calm.

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