Operations Director By Day, Marathon Mutt By Night.

Rover-Time's very own, Becky Trombley, is running this year's Chicago Marathon to raise funds and awareness for One Tail at a Time.

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When it comes to running, she’s Rover-Time’s top dog.

For the past couple of years, I’ve bounced around the idea of running in the Chicago Marathon. I have never considered myself much of a runner, but for some reason, running 26.2 miles seemed like a cool, fun, life-changing project to take on.

“I think I’d like to try it. You know, to say that I did it. I could take the entire year to train for it. I’m turning 25 next year, I think it would be a cool thing to do to celebrate the quarter-life milestone.”

I have a very vivid memory of sharing this cool, fun idea with a friend who was in the midst of training for the 2015 marathon. Their response?

“You should wait until 2017. That’s the 40th anniversary. It will have a cooler medal.”

And here I am now, training for a cool medal. Unlike other cool, fun projects I’ve considered like taking guitar lessons or watching the Sopranos, this is one that I’m following through on.

This year, I am celebrating 26 years of my life on October 8th by running 26.2 miles. I am pushing myself to new limits; past fears, doubts, and excuses. I am seeing the city from a new perspective. But best of all, I am raising money for one One Tail at a Time, an organization that has provided a million dogs in good, loving homes across Chicago. Several of these good, loving homes are a part of our Rover-Time family and very dear to my heart. I am running for them.

Medals are cool, but dogs will always be cooler.

Race day is coming soon. I’d love to invite you to sponsor me on this journey. Every donation is appreciated and will be recognized! For example:

  • For $5: I will personally give your pup a “Good Dog” shout out on social media.
  • For $10: I will create a personalized “Ugly Friendship Bracelet” for you. I’m happy to spell out your dog’s name in beads. The sky (Michael’s Craft Store) is the limit!
  • For $50: I will hand deliver a treat to your pup some time this month or in September.


Becky is Rover-Time’s Operations Director and has been with our company since June, 2014. She supports the relationships we have with incoming and existing customers. She also oversees new hire onboarding and the longterm success of our walking team. She loves animals, improv, and learning to cook. And now, she also “loves” running.



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