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Though One Tail at a Time has grown exponentially since our inception in 2008, the foster program has always remained the backbone of our organization.

Stella and Beau!

Beau, a Rover-Timer, regularly hosts OTAT fosters. Meet his pal Stella!

What was once a small group – mostly consisting of our supportive friends and family – has expanded to over 100 dedicated foster homes. Our foster homes come from a myriad of backgrounds and levels of experience. Some have been caring for dogs in one capacity or another for many years and have numerous other pets in their home where as for others this is their first time having a dog in the home. Because the spectrum of dogs we intake is so varied, homes of just about any makeup can become a One Tail at a Time foster home; many of our current fosters have other dogs, cats, small animals and young children so that certainly doesn’t preclude anyone from fostering. On the flip side, if you happen to be a pet-free family that can be a huge asset to our program as it allows us to rescue dogs that may be battling kennel cough or other illnesses that are contagious to resident dogs.

Since OTAT provides all supplies and medical care for dogs while in foster, this is also a great opportunity for people who have a big heart for animals but don’t necessarily want to make the financial commitment of pet ownership. In addition to the basics, the rescue is also able to provide a dog walker or daycare (dependent upon foster home location) so fostering is still certainly an option for folks who work full time. As for the length of time each dog needs foster, it is really dependent upon the specific dog and circumstances. We are always in need of both short-term (7-10 days) and long-term (2 months+) homes.

Finally, what to do if you just can’t part with your foster dog?

Adopt and join our ever growing list of “foster fails!” For those considering adoption but wanting to get their feet wet first, fostering can be a great way to see if caring for a dog long-term fits into your lifestyle and is a commitment you’re ready for!

Those interested in learning more are welcome to email One Tail at a Time Shelter Director, Anna, at And if you’re ready to take the leap, our foster application can be accessed here.

Scooby and Beau

Scooby & Beau = foster brothers forever.


Anna Friedman has worked as a Humane Educator in local shelters for the past five years. Her favorite part of being the Shelter Director for OTAT is watching the transformation in the dogs that come from horrific conditions and end up in loving adoptive homes. When she’s not saving dogs, Anna prefers to be in Door County with her husband and three dogs.


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