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Rover-Time loves One Tail at a Time. This is a no-kill, all-breed dog rescue that serves to lower euthanasia rates in the greater Chicagoland area and provide education on the humane treatment of companion animals.

We had the opportunity to “Q&A” Anna Friedman, one of the original founders of the rescue, who was also recently appointed Vice President to One Tail’s Board of Directors.

Q. How did your adventure in animal rescue begin?
A. I actually knew nothing of rescue until 5.5 years ago when we adopted our first dog, Gypsy. We adopted her from the Animal Protection League in Springfield, IL in May of 2006. Two months later we adopted our second dog (who was buddies with Gypsy at the shelter), Oscar. Their pasts, which in Gypsy’s case involved abuse and abandonment and in Oscar’s case neglect/living on a tie-out his whole life, really inspired me to become more involved. Initially, I started volunteering with local rescues. Then, in August of 2007 I obtained my first animal welfare job as the Director of Volunteers and Humane Education at Anderson Animal Shelter, and in January of 2008 a group of like-minded volunteers and I started One Tail!

Q. What rescue experience moved or inspired you the most?
A. I think the most rewarding rescues we’ve had have been puppy mill dogs and dogs that have come from other harrowing situations. Seeing the mill mommas go from being very fearful of the world around them to trusting and loving their foster families is amazing. Thinking about the horrific conditions they were once in and then seeing photos from adopters of these precious pups sitting under the Christmas tree or romping around with their canine siblings is really moving.

Q. Do you have a favorite adoption story?
A. I think Hannah may be my favorite story both because of how amazingly well she is doing today and because of her journey, from beginning to end. Her story highlights the community of people it sometimes takes to find a happy ending. Hannah was found by some kind-hearted good Samaritans, then people cross-posted and advocated for her to get to a rescue, a generous donor paid for her vetting, other amazing people transported her to Chicago and then there were all the folks on our end (adoption counselor, volunteers, etc.) that were a part of her story.

She was adopted by a fabulous woman who is a positive reinforcement and agility trainer. Hannah loves life now! She’s a Dog Scout, an agility pro, and knows over 100 tricks!

Q. When you are not saving animals what do you like to do?
A. When time allows, I love travelling, hanging on the couch watching movies with my husband and dogs, going out with friends–I especially love the Lincoln Square neighborhood, adding to my tattoo collection, drinking expensive beer and cheap wine, and attempting to come up with creative dinners that both my vegetable-hating carnivorous husband and my vegetarian self will enjoy.

Q. Anna, What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A. I’m happiest when my husband and I, and our three rescue dogs, rent the dog-friendly home in Door County, WI that we’ve been going to annually (sometimes twice/year) for the past five years. For me, it is the perfect little escape and a way to get away from the chaos of our day-to-day lives without having to go too far.



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