Dogs Keep Your Heart Healthy!

Did you know that owning a dog can make you live longer?

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Dogs Keep Your Heart Healthy

Did you know that there are a variety of ways that dogs keep your heart healthy? In fact, owning a dog means that you are 31% less likely to die from a heart attack or stroke than non-dog owners. February is Heart Health Month and we wanted to share this infographic full of helpful information all about how your dog helps to keep your heart healthy! Check out HABRI’s website to see even more information about the relationship between your health and owning a pet.

Infographic by HABRI (

Going on long walks, playing with, and snuggling with your dog are all good for your health! Not only do dogs help your heart, but owning a pet also lowers your blood pressure and helps your cholesterol. Owning a dog will literally help you live longer. Plus, having a pet lowers your stress, something we could all benefit from. Want to know more about the benefits of owning a dog? Take a look at our blog post about why you should go on long walks with your dog.


We at team Rover-Time hope that this was helpful and inspires everyone to enjoy some heart-healthy time with their furry friends!




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