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August’s Delight: Chicago Pet Video

Rover-Time is delighted to introduce this month’s provider feature to our readers! We’re thrilled to become better aquatinted and we look forward to working with them in the future! Q. How did Chicago Pet Video come about, and what made you decide to focus solely on pet videos? A. Two things. We love animals and we saw …

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Mark’s Barks Presents: Best Names of Dog Breeds

This month Mark divulges his connection to different dog breeds. You’ll find out private stuff like how the Silky Terrier dog brings back memories of his nights as an on-air DJ at an easy listening radio station. Cardigan Welsh Corgi– I like this name because it tells me a) where it’s from b) what it would be …

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I Don’t Make Friends Easily

Chauncey names his top five Rover-Time girlfriends. I don’t make friends easily but just yesterday, I shared my top five friends with Mom and she helped me write this blog post. Drumroll, please… #1. Lila My BFF Lila is my most frequent slumber-party guest. #2. Enzi I’m always impressed by Enzi’s ability …

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Finding Focus and Simplicity

Julia with one of my most special boys, Jax. (Good luck on your upcoming surgery, Jax! I love you!) Before I jump into February’s blog post, I gotta tell you how much I loved last month. Rover-Time got LLC’d (Ahem, don’t hesitate to call us “Rover-Time Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, LLC folks)! Mark & I took a …

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