I Don’t Make Friends Easily

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Chauncey names his top five Rover-Time girlfriends.

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I don’t make friends easily but just yesterday, I shared my top five friends with Mom and she helped me write this blog post. Drumroll, please…
#1. Lila
My BFF Lila is my most frequent slumber-party guest.
#2. Enzi
I’m always impressed by Enzi’s ability to play with others or by herself for hours on end, all without making a peep.
#3 and #4. Olive & Tulip
It’s nice to have friends who I see eye-to-eye with like Olive and Tulip.
Olive & Tulip
#5. Ribbit
My parents are always going on about how perfectly-behaved Ribbit is. I have to admit, she doesn’t mind at all when I take over her bed, she just squeezes herself into mine.



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Enzi feels so special that she is one of Chauncey's top five girlfriends! Especially because Chauncey is her boy toy and spends hours talking and giggling about him whenever we pick her up after a stay at Rover Time. She can't wait to flirt with Chauncey again in a few weeks! :)

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