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10 Most Dangerous Items Dog Can Pick Up

You're proud of yourself for maintaining a good amount of focus on your dog while you're out and about with them but what should you really keep an eye out for? Today we list the top ten most dangerous items to keep out of your dog's mouth.

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Why Every Pet Owner Should Become Pet CPR & First Aid Certified

This week we share our perspectives on the importance of emergency preparedness. This is a must read for all pet parents and animal caregivers!

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Beating The Heat When You Have Four Feet

Warm blogging welcomes to Rachel Papp, one of Rover-Time's pet pros. As we head out to the beer gardens, street fests, and drive into construction traffic, many of us will have our pups in tow. Here are a few of Rachel's favorite tips for keeping your dog safe in hot weather.

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4 Helpful Resources for Dogs With Storm Phobias

Life changes in a lot more positive ways than negative when you become a pet parent but for those of us that live with thunder phobic dogs, it’s easy to go from a lover of storms to absolute hate. It’s almost as we revolve around the weather report. So this week, Julia shares a few of her very favorite resources for pet parents with dogs that have storm phobias.

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