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Making Your Backyard Dog-Friendly

A backyard can be a fun and safe haven for your dog. After making sure that the area is secure and dog-friendly, there's plenty of fun features you can add that your dog will enjoy.

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Staying Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

Because dogs have a higher body temperature than humans and less efficient means for cooling off, what feels like a normal summer day to you may be unbearably blazing hot to your furry pal. Heat exhaustion can come on quickly, so know what signs to look for on hot days.

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6 New Activities to Try With Your Dog

Need a little variation in your typical dog park routine? Summer is great time for trying new things, and who better to tag along than your dog! From the simple to the out-there, here are 6 new activities you can try out with your pup during these upcoming warm summer days.

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Feral Cat Colonies: Part Two

In Part One, Nick shared the story of he found two feral cats, Mama and Tommie, and was able to trap them to have them spayed. After being released, Mama and Tommie continued to return to the house for meals. Nick didn't yet realize what surprises the cats had in store for him.

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