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Mark Barks On Nicknames

Top nicknames for Chauncey (By Category): Name-basedCBVChauncers Pop CultureThe LoraxFraggleThe Great Gatsby* DescriptiveMeerkatSenor Toothpicks**MosquitoStinkyStinkerThe Sphinx***Gargoyle****Mr. PlayfulWeirdoJingle Jangles***** NonsenseSquigglesScrapRumpledogskin Julia-OnlyBoo-BooLittle BooSweet Pickle  FamilialOur Boy *Chauncey likes to sit at the end of the long sidewalk that …

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Mark Barks On Dog-Grandparents

My parents are very patient people. They’ve never been ones to hint about grandchildren, even though they love kids and anyone who knows them know that they will be really great grandparents. Even now that I’m married, there’s never been a hint of pressure. I think I’ve gotten more questions about whether Julia and I plan on having …

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Mark Barks On Becoming a New Dog Owner

Things I learned on my first trip to the vet with Chauncey: Although Chauncey’s are in very good shape, dogs his size often have problems with their knees and elbows Dogs have elbows All dogs should be on preventative heart worm medication and flea & tick medicine Dog medicine is not cheap Carrying a dog’s stool sample in …

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What’s In a Name?

Two weeks ago, as of this writing, Julia and I permanently welcomed a furry new friend into our home. Our decision to adopt a 5-pound, male, chihuahua-terrier mix surprised even us. We didn’t pictures ourselves as owners of a teensy-tiny dog, Julia wanted a girl, and I wanted something that didn’t shed. However, when you go to an adoption event and …

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