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Should Your Dog Be Allowed to Say No?

Should your dog be allowed to say no? In a word: yes.

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What’s a Walk For?

Is there any activity more closely associated with dog ownership, especially urban dog ownership, than walkies? If new dog owners go in knowing nothing else, they have already had it hammered into them that they must walk their dog religiously.

This might seem like a funny thing to question in a blog for a dog-walking company, but: why?

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Seven Things to Teach Your New Puppy Now (And Not One of Them Is “Sit”)

The basic commands of "sit," "stay," "come," and "down" are often the first things taught to puppies, but prioritizing certain behaviors will help set you up for success with others.

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Can You Clicker Train Without a Clicker?

Clicker training is an effective and dog-friendly application of behavior science used in training animals. It often involves a little plastic noisemaker that’s used to identify the behaviors for which your dog will be rewarded. But what if your dog is afraid of that noise, or can’t hear it at all? Can you still use this method?

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