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Getting Educated

People start businesses because they want to be happier at work. I knew that when I became my own boss, I’d finally have the creative freedom, autonomy, challenge, and meaning that I was craving. I saw my future self, working on my own terms, for something that I was excited about. But no matter the industry an entrepreneur …

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What I Learned When I Became a Dog Walker

I remember the last day I traveled into an office to work a normal job. I was a Development Manager for a small Montessori school, and while I enjoyed parts of my responsibilities, it was never going to be a good fit. Hours after leaving on my last day on the job, my mind drifted off to what …

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Connecting to Community

There was something I wrote in last month’s newsletter that had me thinking more about community and connection in these last few weeks. Like many Type-A personalities, I am a person dedicated to uncovering meaning, both professionally and personally. So when I started to uncover what “purposefully growing community around me” really meant, I realized how much …

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Maintaining Happiness

This winter of spring weather has certainly helped keep a bounce in my step, which is a welcome change from the past several years of bitter cold Marches or rainy Aprils. I am thrilled spring has arrived. From now until we hit super high heat indexes, my bragging seems entitled. I can say to anyone that I really …

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