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What Do Dogs Think About Canine Flu? One of Our Walkers Investigates

This week, one of our dog walkers, Marco, addresses the current canine flu outbreak that has hit the Midwest this spring. To get an idea of what dogs think, he goes straight to the source.

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Shake It Off: A Springtime Stress Guide

Think about it; stress is everywhere. Your life, my life – it’s really no different for your dog. While we humans have a rolodex of stress release rituals, it’s doubtful your dog can dive into a good book or pour itself a Pinot while walking. They can only shake it off. So, maybe you’re tired of hearing the song over and over, but it’s a dance your dogs do daily.

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Walking My Way Into a New Home: A Dog Walker’s Story

Many people ask us what it's like to walk dogs for a living. One of our much-adored walkers, Becky, tells us about how joining the Rover-Time team after moving to Chicago on a whim has taught her how to navigate around her new hometown and create a lasting connection.

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What Do Dog Kisses Really Mean?

Have you ever wondered what it really means when a dog licks your face? Where does this behavior come from? Good news, dog lovers: when your dog licks your face, it’s definitely a sign of affection! Face licking is used as a greeting and for bonding purposes.

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