• We Promise

    Experienced, gentle, and safe animal handling with
    customized service and personal attention.

  • We Promise

    To practice positive training and guidance,
    interactive and purposeful time with your pet.

Dog Walking

Our exclusive dog walking program is great for parents who wish to eliminate their dog’s extra energy and weight that builds up during the day.


Overnight Care

Our focus is to offer a safer alternative to kennel boarding for parents looking to provide better one-on-one care for their pets while away from home.


Other Services

Coaching, enrichment, pet transportation, and special occasion services provide parents with peace of mind, knowledge and answers, and a community to plug in to.


Blog Love

3 Reasons To (Really) Know Your Dog’s Breed

Lynda used to think a dog’s breed had nothing to do with its behavior. Making any assumption based on breed felt wrong to her, like some kind of unfair profiling. But the more she studied canine behavior, the more she began to recognize the importance of genetics in our most beloved companions. Read on to learn the three reasons YOU should care.Read More


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