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Meet The Dog of The Week: Oakley

Meet the dog of the week: Oakley. Every stranger is an opportunity to make a friend for sweet girl Oakley. She is delighted to meet new people!

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Meet the Dog of the Week: Pony

Meet the dog of the week: Pony! Pony is one of our favorite furry friends. He loves to snuggle and play fetch.

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Meet the Dog of The Week: Annie

Meet the dog of the week: Annie! She has her nose to the ground trying to sniff out the best smells - and street treats! We love these Beagle sisters.

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Picking the right training method for you and your dog!

How do I know the right method to use to train my dog? How do you pick the best training method? If you google “dog training” you are going to get a lot of results. There are many different ways to train a dog and each trainer is going to be passionate …

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