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Overnight Pet Sitters: Scary Snoopers or Awesome Alternative?

Housesitting offers a safer alternative to kennel boarding for parents looking to provide better one-on-one care for their pets while away from home. We'll address all the questions you should ask before hiring a pet sitter!

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5 Tips for Living With Multiple Dogs (Temporarily or Permanently)

Julia shares her tricks of the trade for managing multiple dogs with her resident dog, Chauncey. In the next few weeks, as Thanksgivukkah and Christmas fall upon us, keep these tips in mind.

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Boning Up on Canine Communication

Just as we use intonation, body language, and facial expressions when gauging a social interaction with humans, we can gain insight into our dogs’ state of mind by watching and listening to them carefully.

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November’s Delight: Pets Are Like Family

Rover-Time is inspired and delighted by Pets Are Like Family. Their mission is to help Chicago pet parents have a loving, responsible relationship with their pets by providing education, resources, counseling and referral services; to keep pets with their families and avoid pet relinquishment. Julia and Alicia Obando, it's founder, sat down for a special interview.

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