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2021 New Year Resolutions

2020 is finally over! Now it's time to set some 2021 new year resolutions. Our T.M. Brock reviews his pet care resolutions for 2021 for him & his dog Loki.

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Meet the Dog of the Week: Ed

Meet the dog of the week: Ed. Ed loves sticks and his walker Nicole. Ed would also love you if you happened to walk around his block!

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A how-to guide on bringing an outdoor cat indoors

Bringing a feral cat indoors! We’ve all seen the feral or semi-feral cats that live in Chicago. With the winter months creeping up on us you might be wondering if it’s okay to bring in a semi-feral cat into your house. We have some tips and tricks for a successful transition from a wild outside cat into a …

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Meet the Dog of the Week: Lulu

Meet the Dog of the Week: Lulu! Lulu is always up for a game of soccer or Tug-of-War in the yard as well as pets and scratches. Look at that smile!!!

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